Vibration measuring systems

Transport Environment Recorder Tough Logger (TR-1000)

For investigation and evaluation of the transportation route
For further investigation of the cause of defects by shock, fall, temperature or humidity. For evaluation of vibration durability.
For research & development of the most suitable package.
Transport Environment Recorder Tough Logger (TR-1000)


■ Built in 3-axis vibration pickup and thermo hygrometer
■ All channel are of simultaneous sampling
■ Data are easily transferred by USB
■ Continuous measurement time is maximum 4 days *depends on the condition


Grasp of transport environment
Able to investigate and evaluate of the transportation route by measuring vibration, temperature and humidity on the overall route. Waveform can be measured continuously and display or PSD analysis is available by using the attached software ”Waveviewer”.
  • Setting screen

    Setting screen

  • Vibration waveform screen

    Vibration waveform screen

  • PSD analysis screen

    PSD analysis screen

  • Data edit screen

    Data edit screen


Item Specification
Measurement mode Vibration (built-in 3 ch + external connection 6 ch), temperature / humidity
Measurement range 100, 500, 1000 m/s2
Sampling rate 512, 1280, 2560 Hz
Operational temperature range -25 to +70 ゚C
Operational humidity range 5 to 95 %RH (non-condensing)
Measurement position Latitude / longitude / Speed (option)
Recording interval 1 to 100 min. (changeable step 1 min.)
Storage capacity Standard 8 GB (maximum 32 GB)*
Data acquisition Continuous recording, event recording
Memory (storage medium) MMC or compatible card
Continuous measurement time Maximum 30 days *depends on the condition
Power supply (built-in battery) Rechargeable lithium ion battery× 2 pcs.
External power supply External battery (option) / Car cigarette lighter socket (option)
Size / Mass 140 (W) x112 (D) x71 (H) mm ( excluding connectors etc.) / Approx. 1.5 kg (including batter).

* No recommended memory card for 32 GB


Item Function
Attached software Wave Viewer (waveform display, power spectrum density (PSD) analysis)
GPS* (Position data CSV format output, NMEA basis file, Option)
Optional software Data extract software (data extract, power spectrum density (PSD) analysis)
system requirement
OS : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 (32bit, 64bit)
CPU : Pentium4 (1 GHz) or more *2 GHz or more is recommended
Memory : 1 GB or more

* Position data & map display software Obunsha Corporation“ Super Mapple Degital